rock vs. rap

Rock is way better than rap

who agrees with me?

and please use English, not random capitol letters and symbols in the words like “yO fuh re@lZ “ and crap like that.

p.s. I don’t think all rap sucks, just gangster “hood” stuff.

Answer #1

Seems to be more a question of preference than anything else. Personally I do not like any of the “new rap” and hip-hop that has come out, but the old school stuff is still bob-your-head classic. Same goes for rock, new stuff has no innovation in it, like when the greats did it back in the day.

Check out my post on Top Five Hip-Hop albums for that real -ish!

Answer #2

old school rap is WAY 100% better than todays rap..kanye west is the only true rapper out def go with rock!

Answer #3

rock is waaay better I mean I agree with julie12486 rap is pathetic but thats just my opinion im sure many would disagree

Answer #4

I don’t like Rap! That drives me NUTS! I mean it all sounds the same! every song sounds just alike, it’s crazy! I am more than a heavy metal person myself!

Answer #5

Does anyone remember ‘Disco sucks”? I tried to get “rap sucks” going in the 80s, but it didn’t catch on. Maybe it’s not too late.

(yes, I’m MUCH MUCH older than you. Get over it).

Answer #6

yeah I totally agree with you, the majority of rap us degrading to women, and brags about how much money and drugs they have. its pretty pathetic.

Answer #7

Rock is better all the way!

Answer #8

yes, rock is way better than rap

Answer #9

rap is crap (hehe it rhymes)!

Answer #10

like rap but everyone like rock even rap fans.

Answer #11

Rock ROCKS Rap raps

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