Rock vs rap

I chose rock

What do you think?

[[<3 rock]]

Answer #1


Answer #2


‘because rOck is FREEDOM!!!

Answer #3

I love both, some days all I want to listen to is rap, others I want to listen to rock.

Answer #4

Well I actually agree w/ Ilovemetal23 b/c it really does depend on what kind… I personally would have 2 pick RAP!!! Because not all of it is just rhyming words…like Chamillionaire he actually brings real music in2 the song!!

Answer #5

I like soft rock and a little rap. Not a lot of rap songs today are good. They only talk about drugs, and sex and crap like that.

Answer #6

depends what kind of rock… and what kind of rap…

I like old school rap. I hate gangster rap. and id choose rap over these sh!tty new “rock” bands anyday

howeever id choose real metal over rap. so yeah..

Answer #7

rock to me rap isn’t music its rhyming words like seriously they turn nursery rhymes into rap songs! its ridiculous! also every rap song is either about guns, gangs, chicks, or drugs no real meaning to them there are a few who are actually decent tho

Answer #8

I don’t stick to one genre of music I just like whatever sounds good. So personally I like a bit of both.

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Answer #11

Definitely Rock.

Answer #12

Rock!… I don’t find good about rap music…

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Answer #17

rock rocks lol

Answer #18

I like both

Answer #19

rock even though rap is good

Answer #20


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