Rock vs. rap 2

Which genre do you like best?Explain.

Answer #1

Rock. I will never listen to rap. ever. Rap doesn’t have any meaning.. except sh!t dealing with sex and fat b!tches dancing in skimpy clothes.

Answer #2

Neither. I LOVE METAL! b/c the drums and guitar are just AMAZIN and fast and OH MY! Metal is crazy awesome. Well most of it is.And the death metal vocals are stunning!

Answer #3

Wow… this is NO contest. ROCK HANDS DOWN! Why? Because I HATE rap! lol Rock/metal/screamo beats ANY rap/hip hop ANY DAY.

Answer #4

ROCK. I use 2 listen 2 Rapp but then it got boring so I Changed 2 Rock/METAl/Scremo etc. And I agree with pezkez all rap deals with is sex and stuff. And when you go to a concert theres nothing 2 do there. NO MOshing No Surfing No Nothing!!! SOON EVERYBODY WILL LISTEN 2 ROCK MOHAHAHAHA!!!

Answer #5

Hmm I don’t know I like rap and rock when I feel like bein isolated kinda I put ma ear buds on and blast rock music when im chillin I listen to rap

Answer #6

I would have to say Rock is a better genre; although I can respect SOME rap music. Rock incorporates more melody and rythm into the music, it is obviously the more talented music as it requires real talent on guitar, drums, bass etc, whilst rap music used more technology to do this for them. The lyrics in rock are genreally a lot more meaningful then they are in rap; but one complaint I could make about the lyrics, is they are quite often very similar in a lot of bands. Rap these days has lost most meaning. Old rapper like Tupac Shakur I give a lot of respect too; as they had meaning. Also; rock has a lot more emotion. I could probably keep on going but I’m tired.

Answer #7

Well I absolutely can NOT stand rap… so I suppose I’ll have to go with rock on this one.

Answer #8

rock all the way

Answer #9


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