How white are you I hate rap music I only listen to rock punk

How white are you I hate rap music I only listen to rock punk or metal x I would never do a fat person I either never say or whisper nigga I own at least 3 concert t-shirtst o t a l s 1 I’ve been to at least 5 rock concerts x I think smok?

Answer #1

I hate rap too because it just shows what pigs guys are and just how desperate they are to sell records that they make girls strip in there videos.

I love PUNK ROCK!!

Especially Good Charlotte, Avenged Sevenfold , Simple Plan and Mest

Answer #2

I only listen to alternative rock I hate hiphop/rap/R&B/reggueaton I’m hispanic ] I go to an art school I’m a visual art major I live in NYC in an all white neighborhood

Amongst some friends I am known as “The Whitest Hispanic in the Land”


Answer #3

I hate rap music. I like the band blink 182. true punk band. well they were…punk rocks. mostly blink 182. lol

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