Rock-N-Roll VS Rap

OK I Am Doing A Debate On Rap, Because Were Starting A Rock-n-Roll Unit At School And Ev’ryone,But Me, Got Pssed At The Teacher Because They Wanted To Listen To Rap, So I Stuck Up For And Said “If It Wasn’t For Rock-N-Roll, You Wouldn’t Have You Dmn God Forsaken Rap.” Then Ev’ryone Yelled At Me Saying NO! OK I’m Here To State A Point. Wasn’t Aerosmith(The Fist Person To Rap It ‘Walk The Dog’?

Answer #1

To metalheaddude. Man im with you on the whole “metal is better than rap” becauase I love metal. I love almost every type of genre of music out there. But when you say rap takes no talent and all it is, is a dj hitting buttons, you could say the EXACT same thing about rock. All it is, is a bunch of dudes screaming into a microphone, banging on a guitar and some drums and they call it music. But the people who listen to it know thats not how it works just as the people who listen to rap know that is not how rap works. You cannot say rap takes no talent at all, becuase it obviously does or else everyone would be pulling in millions of dollars off hit singles. And I do not see that happening. And when you say rap artists only sing about Money, Women, Drugs, Alcohol, Gangs, Diamonds, Escalades, dont rock artists to? How about bands like cannibal corpse. They sing about killing people. Is that not worse than any of those which you just listed? Both genres are tied when it comes to lyrical content, becuase there are rap songs with deep deep meaning behind them as there are rock songs with deep deep meaning behind them. Music really should not be judged, only liked or disliked.

Answer #2

music is like candy you need to throw out the rappers

Dude you can’t beat rock because it has been around longer but there are a few talented rappers out there

Answer #3

Rock plzzz =]

Answer #4

I love rck, classic rock to the new hardcore grindcore music… but I also listen to rap as well suck as wu-tang, immortal technique and DMX .. dont listen to what people say, and you need to understand rap has soo much talent in it as well, and yes areosmith was the first but if he didnt do it someone else would have, all music is , is a poem with a beat. soo it can be rap or rock.. music is music just listen to it.

Answer #5

Eh…I like rock way better…the rap they put out these days are sh*t, at least most of it. I used to love rap and hate rock, but now I cannot get enough of rock, classic rock, metal, folk rock, emo rock, punk rock, anything like that! It’s rare finding anyone these days like just rock, because rap is now so mainstream that everyone practically listens to it…I don’t much, only Ludacris, Lil Jon, 50 Cent, Eminem, names like that, or KanYe West, etc…nobody new now like Hurricane Chris and Soulja Boy…I think they’re posers really…

Answer #6

I love pop rock,punk,techno,Alt,and some blues… I cant stand metal… Its not music to me… Just a bunch of rednecks screaming and beating on the guitar… I’ve been playing guitar for 9 years and I’m ina band… Which you should look out for:)

Answer #7

Amen metalheaddude! Amen!!! Anything like that is way better, especially heavy metal! I have been getting so obsessed with it! lol

Answer #8

Rap like all music, starts off in the grass roots with poor people and then rich people steal it and make themselves more money out of it. Rapping can be traced back in many ways to its African roots. Centuries before the “United States” existed. I guess you could argue that Areosmith made it mainstrem =/ or combined rock and rap? At the end of the day, music affects feelings, and thoughts and as we all feel things differently it affects people differently so it’s impossiable to say whether rock is better than rap it’s all about what sounds best to you and I also think it’s possiable to like both. People who only listen to one kind of music, and especially those that bag on others tastes are close minded and miss out on a lot.

Answer #9

My personal preference is classic rock, although I do like the rap music of the late 80s and early 90s.

One thing interesting to note about rock, is that some early rock ‘n roll artists like Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley were influenced by the African-American late blues and jazz of the 1930’s. If you listen to the music of men like Robert Johnson, you can hear the beginnings of rock ‘n roll. However, it was Presley, Clapton, the Beatles, etc. who developed the sound disctincly known as rock ‘n roll. But early 20th century black music cannot be ignored as a source of inspiration.

That being said, rap was better in the past because it had a message and incorporated a steady, catchy but simple beat with its lyrics. Today’s rap is largely geared toward crossover, in the hope of scoring big on the pop charts and appealing to a wider, younger audience. Because of that, it’s started to suck.

Answer #10

I can’t stand rap music. All they do is talk to crap music and wave their hands around. Rap music doesn’t even include much instruments. It’s mainly turn tables and computers or what ever. Rock ‘n’ roll has drums, guitar solos, people pounding on pianos and tons of other talented musicians. As the piano player of a rock ‘n’ roll band, I say: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FOREVER!!!

Answer #11

Rock anyday.

Answer #12

Rap to me is the most un-skill-full type of instrumental talent ever to be done.

Its mostly done by a keyboard and DJ with a system. And all he does is push buttons and the guy will just yell a bunch of sensless crap about: Money, Women, Drugs, Alcohol, Gangs, Diamonds, Escalades. And so on and so forth, its mainly just a type of music that concentrates on just one thing “BEATS” and beat-bops and thats it. its HIP HOP

Rock music and heavy metal is way more skill-full and talented you have guitar, bass, drums, rythm guitar, vocals, yes all of these parts in the band are playing there brains out in a orchestrated melody, I will always have far more respect on that type of music.

Answer #13

I like metal,but if your question is about rock-n-roll ,I can say that is better than rap.

Answer #14

“ music is like candy…throw out the rappers “ - classic!

Answer #15


Answer #16

?? All I Want To Know If Aerosmith/Steven Tyler Made The First Rap Song. ♥ RavenNicole

Answer #17

yea people are stupid and think there cool for listening to rap I LOVE ROCK im with you girly!!

Answer #18

Rap is stupid.

Answer #19

your gayyy! who gives a damnnns! grow up, no one needs to listen to your kinda rappp! go listen to opera!

sorry I’m bipolar! will you buy me some meds

Answer #20

In my opinion, both genres take a certain amount of talent. Both genres have positive aspects and negative aspects. You can’t say rock is better because that is your opinion. Music is only an opinion. We can’t say one genre is better than the other because everything is decided by opinion.

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