What is being done to stop Taliban Terrorists from obtaining Pakistan's nuclear weapons?

Very serious - It is very possible that enemies of this country, the Taliban Terrorists, could soon overrun and obtain Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons - What is Obama doing to stop it ?

Answer #1

I though in Obama’s words we aren’t in a war with terror or muslims. Obama talked about a lot of things during the campaign, and has done just the opposite of what he said. Like no lobbist, no washington insideres in his cabinet, like letting the American people see a bill that is proposed on the internet for 5 days prior to any vote on that bill (what happened in the stimulas package, drafted at midnight and voted on the next morning at 9:00a) hum.. and it was urgent we just had to pass this bill but he didn’t bother to sign it for 4 days until he had the big gala event set up. Sounds like smoke and mirrors to me.

Answer #2

Yeah Obama talks a lot but your missing the point of the question. What is he doing, talking and doing are two different things.

Answer #3

“Yeah Obama talks a lot but your missing the point of the question. What is he doing, talking and doing are two different things. “

I know you are a little slow tseirpeht, but when Obama was talking about it, Bush was president. He couldn’t do anything. Now that he is president, he is going after them. He is getting commtementsfrom both governments to fight the taliban, and he has made strikes at taliban positions inside Pakistan. Something Bush refused to do.

You are clueless. You need to turn off fox once in while. It is turning your brain to mush.

Answer #4

Amblessed, you are unbelievable. Obama has been talking about doing something about Pakistan for a long time. He was saying it while Bush was completely ignoring what was going on there. Obama (and India too) will not let the taliban get control of pakistan. He is dealing with it. He is engaged with both afganistan and pakistan as we speak. He is doing something to stop it.

What are you doing to support your commander-in-chief? I mean, we liberals were all told how unamerican we were for not supporting Bush during a time of war. I guess it is not unamerican to not support democratic presidents during a time of war. I get it now…

Answer #5

obama is going to change amairca for the better ,and he will be tha best president ever yoll see

Answer #6

hmmm, this is the first I have heard about that. Probably nothing.

Answer #7

Lolz thats what media wants everyone to think so that America can comfortably move their noses into foreign politics again. Examples: Iraq and Afghanistan. When the US ‘’helped’’ them,they turned into wreckages and now,complete Third World countries.

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