how can i get rid of my back pain ?

well i was at work shoveling stuff and ive gone and hurt my back any ideas how to make it feel better ??? E

Answer #1

You could try one of those heat patches or creams. If that doesn’t help then it might be more serious than you think.

Answer #2

search physio excercises on google. I had to go to physio my back was so bad I thought I broke it, and Im not usually a drama queen lol. I did a couple of excercises and my backs never been better :)

Answer #3

doesn’t work when its like everywhere :/


Answer #4

orrrr… a nice hot bubble bath with a yellow duck and then make a water bottle and rest on the part of back that hurts… if you can a nice massage helps

Answer #5

I really think you should go to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Answer #6

I used radox once…specially for muscle pain. It made it blimmin worse! lol and dont get a massage off your partner cos they aint a professional, I got one the other day off my bloke and I regret it now lol

Answer #7

If it’s nothing serious, just soreness or something pulled, warmth really helps. Just lie on your stomach with a heating pad, or a warm wet towel on your back. If it’s more serious than that, you might want to have it checked out.

Answer #8

Have some gorgeous guy give you a full body massage. :D

Answer #9

i was thinking that ;D but well my mates are all fugly so……. XD


Answer #10

do spill

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