Does anyone know how to get rid of a pain in your boob?

I get a really bad pain in my boob and dont know what courses it. Can anyone think of something that might course the pain and how to get rid of it?

Answer #1

Maybe growing pains. But I used to get really sore breast for easily up to two (sometimes 3 weeks) before my period. Then I started excercising. Maybe you should go see your doctor just to make sure.

Answer #2

It comes all the time I could of just finished my period I could have been off for a week the pain is there most of the time it really hurts so I dont really think it is my period

Answer #3

It’s probably from your period. It can sometimes start even up to 2 weeks before your period. Unfortunately the only thing that works is excercising and keeping fit. Other that that there isn’t much you can do.

Answer #4

maybe you shold go c a docter but its probably just growing pains:L

Answer #5

They best not be growin there big anoth as it is :L and no im defently not pregnant :L

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