How to get rid or fix horrible back pain?

Everday I have this horrible back ache. From the middle of my spine and down. It’s not like I’m old or anything I’m almost 16. Recently I have notches when my back gets to the worst pain I have this sharp pain in my left leg it starts at my knee and goes to hip. It feels like it’s on fire within seconds then goes numb. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

Depends when it started. Perhaps you need extra support on you shoes ( dr shols) not sure if that’s how it’s spelled. But you should definately see a doctor if it is too much especially since you are so young.

Answer #2

See a chiropractor about your back and for you hip and leg thing see your doctor it ccould be (rls) restless leg syndrome he could give you some meds for it and show you some exercises for it. If not get this stuff called icy hot it helps a lot

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