Answer #1

Rich <3

Answer #2

HEALTHY! coz am healthy.and who dont want to be rich.not saying that i hate to be,but heath is every thing in my opinion and money is important to us either but not like yea

Answer #3

After seeing all the pain, doctor appointments, hospital stays, treatments, my dad has to go through with cancer, no amount of money would make me want to choose to be unhealthy. Its absurd. Whats the point in being rich when you get terminally ill?

Answer #4

Rich, because then if I was unhealthy, I could afford the medicine, surgery, or anything necessary to get healthy.

Answer #5

Health, there’s just some things modern medicine can’t cure… Not exactly playing it risky lol.

Answer #6

Healthy. Because if you’re healthy, you won’t need to spend a fortune on medicine. But then again…money is the root of all happiness…..

Answer #7

Unless “unhealthy” was an illness that couldn’t be cured and I would die…then I would rather live my whole life poor.

Answer #8

Healthy. I’ve never been one for money or material goods. I simply don’t get much satisfaction from it. However, I really wish I was healthier, that would be great.

Answer #9

Let’s see…..I’ve always been healthy…but never rich. Think I’d like to give rich a try :)

Answer #10

Healthy, I think I’m fine with the amount of wealth that I currently have. Money would be nice, but what’s the use if you’re always in bed? A life of luxury combined with sickness doesn’t seem to fun.

Answer #11

haha i must be reading these all wrong tonight cause i first read would you rather be filthy or rich. or both?

Answer #12

Healthy x10000!! Money is nothing.

Answer #13


Answer #14

WELL. if your rich and unhealthy then u can just pay for the mediation or surgery easily………but if its like cancer then rather be healthy

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