V8 Fusion- healthy or not?

I am on a healthy diet- I only eat healthy foods, its pretty simple. If I were to drink 8 fl oz of V8 Fusion drinks would it spoil my diet?

Answer #1

v8 fusion contains way too much salt and no fiber to balance it with. yes, the fruit and vegetable juice is indeed healthy. but keep an eye on your sodium intake

Answer #2

No. V8 is pure juice I do believe so you can get many nutrients from it. && it wont spoil a diet…its accually good for it if anything. It will solve unneeded hunger. =]Keep yah fuller.

Answer #3

No, it’s good for you and contains important nutrients and vitamins, but I like diet V8 Splash. It’s about the same thing with only 10 calories instead of 120 per 8 oz. serving.

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