Is there a religious term for people who believe everyone and everything was made through evolution and the higher power is within oneself?

Answer #1

From what I’ve read, Humanism is an ideological, political, and religious belief that denies the existence of God. Atheists are humanist, as are new-agers, and many others…..

Answer #2

Humanism is a human centric view. There are religious as well as secular humanists. Not all atheists are secular humanists.

Answer #3

I think there are several that can be included in your terms, including christianity. What if God created evolution to finish his work? and the christ in me is the same as saying the power is in me. To the christian, we (humanity), all make up the christ, the one son. no seperation. No seperation from God, since we make up the one son, we are all his children, and his power is in each and every one of us. The Upanishads have a similar theory as well. Some of the best free thinkers in history were men of faith, because they relied on an infinite power greater than themselves, they were able to achieve great things.

Answer #4

Not what I meant.

Answer #5

Thats open minded of you.

Answer #6

The actually term is called “naturalism”.

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