How do people view our place in the scheme of things?

To what magnitude does everyone else believe their faith extends?
I’m not asking how religiously devoted people are, but do others hold a ‘universal’ kind of viewpoint in their religion – where maybe you think there’s a greater plan / divine influence over absolutely everything – seeing our race / planet as just a minute part of a greater tapestry… Or alternately, do you think Earth and Humanity are held in special, divine favour alone?

Answer #1

A very reasonable viewpoint, silverwings - exactly how I see things. In today’s fast-paced, consumerist style of living, people indeed forget to simply appreciate the sheer scale of what we as humans are made part of, if we know it or not.

Answer #2

Yes, absolutely, I believe there is a divine plan at work, and I think we as humans oftentime loose track of that larger plan, we get so busy living our lives, that we sometimes forget there is a plan in place, that is playing itself out in the world around us, that is much bigger than we are as humans.

Some of us live as if we will never die, others never learn to live. Either way is extreme. Jesus said that he came not to condemn the world, but, to save it. He also said, it was his will that we have abundant life, that to me speaks of a balanced life, with him at the center.

Answer #3

dont get all caught in that just live for today. w/e happens happens

Answer #4

We are a speck of dust floating slowly towards a huge ball of fire…there are many higher things then what we are.

Answer #5

I believe in the here and now, no god, or divine power, just the present

Answer #6


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