What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?

What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?

Answer #1

The traditional view, is that it’s a collection of religious texts, written over the period from about 800 BCE to around 200 CE, formally codified in its present form in the early 4th century under the Roman emperor Constantine.

Answer #2

written by man.

Answer #3

The truth is that GOD created all knowledge. Since the Bible is only written for believers then anyone else who is not saved can’t possibly understand all the words or discern the writing of the WORD(bible) cause you can only know what knowledge GOD gives you. The Fear of doing what the bible says or Following Jesus is because of the lack of knowledge. You choose life or death in the spiritual sense. If I told you I would give you a million dollars but you have to follow my rules would you do it? Jesus is the million dollars of your soul but you have rules. That is the choice. Followers choose to do what the WORD says. Those that don’t may prosper but Satan gives prosperity to those he can claim for hell also.

Answer #4

God spoke to those who would listen, they responded, and followed his directives, they handed down the faith, from generation to generation, then many of the stories that had previously been oral, began to be written on the skins they used at the time, these were closely guarded, by the believers down thru the ages, and have been preserved for us today, at great expense to many.

The recent find of scrolls called the Dead Sea Scrolls, previously hidden from invaders who would have destroyed them, follow word for word, from our modern bibles, proving their authenticity.

The Old Test. was on scrolls, the New Test. was brought together around 200 AD. a team of believers decided what to put in it, and what to leave out.

The Catholics choose some scripture that other Christians didn’t, for their bible, so that is why you sometimes hear, that the rest of us have only part of the bible.

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