Who wrote the bible?

and where did the stories come from?

Answer #1

someone who thought you would be interested.

Answer #2

No-one knows who wrote any portion of the Bible. That’s part of the mystery that makes people believe it.

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Answer #4

lots of people… lots and lots of people. Scribes and appostales, and prophets… usually the name of the different books inside are the names of who we think wrote the book.

Answer #5

There are traditional views about who wrote the different books of the Bible, but the truth is that most books were written anonymously, and we just don’t know for sure who the authors were. Even when a book is attributed to a certain author, it’s often a false attribution. This is the case for several of the so-called Pauline Epistles in the New Testament, as well as Old Testament books like Joshua and the Samuels. Also, even if there were really people like Isaiah and Ezekiel who wrote their respective books, parts of those books have been revised and added to later, meaning the book had multiple authors.

The stories come from different places. Some come from ancient Hebrew oral tradition, some show influence from neighboring pagan mythological and religious traditions, and some came from people with obvious agendas, such as the “Books of History” in the Old Testament and the Gospels in the New Testament.

Answer #6

It is very interesting to study this topic, and if you pull up google.com, and then type in Who wrote the bible?

You will be able to find the answers that you seek, as they are very lengthy, and can be found in great depth on the net.

Answer #7

deff not jesus, or god thats for sure. if my guess is right its humans a lot a lot of humans. so how is the religion sent by god? when humans have written it. dont get me wrong god did sent down christianity by the prophet jesus, but the christians changed I o many times to count and added mistakes than someone corrected their mistake and added their personal believes in there. its been proven.

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