Bible was written by man right?

Well one last thing before I go off to school is that to all you bible lovers and whatnot out there. Do you not realize that the bible was written by Human beings?Translanted and whatnot? It has been proven that there are numerous mistranslations one of the biggest is Michel or whatever his name was parting the Red Sea but translated it actually reads the Reed Sea. My question is are you so closed minded that you can’t tell that since Humans wrote it that they could put whatever they want in it and suckers like you thousands of years later believe it?

Answer #1

its just a book that has been on the best sellers list for many years.

Answer #2

and wow you need to give yourself your own standing Ovation?

READ, please..sit down, calm down and read..I was giving erezma a standing ovation…you JUST really looked like and idiot just now…

Answer #3

Who said you pissed Religious people off? Your just making yourself look worse the further you go. Oh wait you already went to far.

Answer #4

exactly they hear what they want to hear. They do not want to admit someting in their precious book might not be true.

You’re generalizing…

Answer #5

Haha I love ‘thelawtman’s first comment :D now that would be interesting to see. Yes at the end of the day it is a book, there, (in my opinion, before I have people calling me an idiot) is no concrete evidence that this is true.

Answer #6

so you are saying that the bible is just to explain scientific events by man? not god.

No, I didn’t say that.

Read again.

Answer #7

haha I dont think he really made a point at all but I do agree he should stop talking, I dont believe in god either but im not such a duschebag.


see I have never cared what people think of me because why worry about others that mean nothing

REALLY? You seem to try awfully hard to PROVE a point here…

Answer #8

It is funny becuase really we take it at face value but people forget its a book. It is special because some men said so nothing else.

That’s just it, to SOME people it isn’t a book, it’s a thing on which they base their faith. I mean what about the quoran and books of other faiths? I don’t see anyone condemning them.

Be honest it isn’t really about the bible or anything, you just hate Christians and other believers.

Answer #9

I would just stop talking there thelawtman, you already made your point..

But people that do care you can’t say they are wasting their time, they are trying to live a better life, good for them…I am a christian and I do believe very much in God I am not worried about the outcome of life or what may happen to me after death I don’t need to worry because I already know where I’m going.

Answer #10

Then why are you even posting anything if you don’t care…You would of stopped talking 20 mins ago…but ok whatever..=P

Answer #11

a lot of the things the bible says is proved wrong by science, but christians just dismiss it.

Answer #12

amen, to that ! \m/

Answer #13

I completly agree ‘I hate jesus’ there are a lot of things in the bible that do not make sense.

Answer #14

yes human beings wrote them bt God had told them what to write.

Answer #15

My question is are you so closed minded that you can’t tell that since Humans wrote it that they could put whatever they want in it and suckers like you thousands of years later believe it?

I am not a Christian, however most Christians feel that the bible was written by humans that was inspired by God.

In those times they didn’t have science and what not to explain the world around them so they believed in God and the bible.

It doesn’t make you close minded if you have faith, after all even science can’t explain everything such as how the universe originated.

Answer #16

☻☺”Most of the Bible was written by people who were inspired by God, also God showed them what he wanted them to write. I believe 98% of the bible is correct, the percentage that is wrong is easily mistranslated. “

“It’s so much more believable, that the world created its self by nothing?”☺☻

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