how to make colored fire?

I need to know how to make colored fire fast. I need help so if anyone knows tell me thx

Answer #1

Metals and metal salts can help create colored flames.Add metal salts directly to flame or hold small metal strips over it.I know sodium gives a bright yellow to orange flame and magnesium compounds give an electric white flame but a can’t quite remember the others. Metal salts should be available for sale online and additional information can be found in high school advanced chemistry textbooks listed under headings like “electron structure” .Wait, just GOOGLE “flame tests for metals’.Just tried it, the info popped up.

Answer #2

Putting different minerals into the fire will turn the flames various colors, depending on what you add. Most fireplace stores will sell mineral additives you can use, but raw mineral will work just as well. has published a nice little how-to on making your own additives, as well as a list of which minerals will turn your fire which color.

Answer #3

I like potassium salts, it makes it pretty and purple!

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