How are the color and temperature of a star related?

I think the answer is that the color depends on how hot the star is, but I’m not sure. I think some sites have said that it depends on the temperature, but I doubt it because it’s asking how they’re related not what they determine. I don’t know though.

Answer #1

because the color of somethin depends on he tep. like fire

Answer #2

A star’s color can give clues to its average temperature. All objects give off “thermal radiation” (light waves emitted from the random motions of atoms inside the object)As the atoms heat up, they move around more, and thus give off more radiation. As atoms heat up and move faster, the peak wavelength of their thermal radiation changes.

The change in wavelenght is what causes the change in color.

Red = coolest White = mid-range Blue = Hottest

Answer #3

color depends on temerature; if itis really hot, then it is blue. if it is cooler, then it is red

Answer #4

Temperature is one factor, a brown dwarf doesn’t sound very hot. Which direction it seems to be moving is also a factor. A blue shift is caused by the star moving towards us, or us moving towards it. A red shift is the opposite. Think of the sound of a car horn moving away from you, or towards you. It is called the Doppler effect.

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