Answer #1

I live in the South and jimahl is completely correct.

Answer #2

its a disgrace to the united states

Answer #3

While I understand that many people see this as a symbol of hate, it is not. Because so many people misunderstand it, I do not use it. Additionally, I understand that, by some, it is used as a symbol of hate. It is a reference to the civil war.

The common misconception is that the civil war was about slavery, but that isn’t true. It was about representation from the Southern states to the United States overall. Lincoln decided to make it about slavery in order to get a grassroots movement in the South by the slaves, making it harder for Confederate armies.

Answer #4

I assume you are referring to the flag of the Confederate States. It is now looked upon by many a symbol of the Southern part of The United States. It is by many looked at as a symbol of slavery tho it dose not mean that not even in past tense. It is flown on battle ships from the south and some southern military divisions were it as there personal emblem.

Answer #5

It is an abomination. Some people claim it is about heritiage, but it is really a symbol of hatred and cruelty.

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