Is there any particular reason that a student wouldn't get put in an AP history class if they had all the proper signatures?

I just got my sophomore schedule and was dismayed to find that I didn’t get put into AP World History. I got the recommendation, but couldn’t make it to the AP meeting because I had an away tennis match. Others that didn’t go still got in, so I don’t think that was a key factor. What happened?!?

Answer #1

1.) Your past grades in history weren’t as high as they would like to see and they didn’t think you would do very well. 2.) You didn’t go to the meeting 3.) They only had a certain amount of spots and everyone else who got in was ahead of you academic wise.

Answer #2

Hmmm thanks, I don’t that could be it. I had over a 4.0 my freshman year…

Answer #3

At my school, most sophmores don’t get into AP classes. Unless they are total genuises. It’s mainly for Juniors+. If you really want to be in a AP class, get your mom to call and request that your schedual be changed. That normally works.

Answer #4

Hmmm, sophomores can do AP at my school. I’ll have my mom call again though.

Answer #5

Hmmm, sophomores can do AP at my school. I’ll have my mom call again though.

Answer #6

maybe ur teacher felt that u wernt really capeable of it r cuz u were struggling in that class.

Answer #7

Had a 95% in the class… Urgh this is so confusing. Sorry…

Answer #8

ohh. and its okay. u should ask ur teacher

Answer #9

They CAN do it at my school but it’s more for Juniors and Seniors. We only have a certain amount of AP spaces.

Answer #10

I’m a proper genius. IQ, psych reports, everything states it. I didn’t get into AP classes for this year though because of work ethic. that’s just as important as grades and intelligence.

Answer #11

to further explain, that’s why I didn’t. I don’t know much about you, so I can’t offer an opinion as to why you didn’t

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