Too many AP classes for senior year?

As a junior this year, I took:

AP Calculus AB Drawing/Computers American History Honors AP Psychology AP English Language AP Chemistry

Next year, I’m thinking about taking:

AP Biology AP Calculus BC AP English Lit AP Physics C AP Gov/AP Econ Yearbook

I am mostly speculating between AP Biology and AP Physics C. I haven’t taken any physics courses before and I’m scared I’ll get lost. I want to take either one or the other, or maybe both. Some people have told me I’ll do fine in Physics because I am very strong in math.

What do you guys think? Give me some feedback!!

Answer #1

I think it would be good for you because with those many a.p classes you could get a really good scholarship for college , keep it up

Answer #2

I think you are going to be really stressed with all those classes. but if you know you can do it and get really amazing grades then go for it. I took easy classes because I knew there would be so much going on outside of school. good luck ‘09

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