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Should I drop out of my AP American History claѕs?

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I'm not failing. I have a 76 thats my lowest grade. I can handle the work but if I go into regular American history my grades will be so much better that I will get on the honors roll. I can handle the work but the DBQs r hard for me and so r tests and FRQs. This is my first AP claѕs I am taking. Also the colleges I want to go to don't accept this AP claѕs for credit. My teacher is a tuff marker and last year in history I had a 92 average in history but that was regular history. I'm proud and feel so good to be in an AP claѕs. I've always wanted to be in an AP/honors class. Getting accepted into AP boosted my self esteem but now that my grades are low my self esteem has hit rock bottom. I keep failing DBQ essays and FRQ essays. When i get on the honors roll my self esteem also goes up but wen i don't i feel like shιt. i would also feel bad for dropping this claѕs but it will help my grades. Should I stay in AP or should I drop out and go into regular??