Who is ready to see Paranormal Activity 2?

It’s supposedly coming out sometime in 2010…get ready. Who’s excited?

(Trailer linked below)

Answer #1

Here’s the trailer for anyone here via Stumbleupon.

Answer #2

omg omg omg omg. i need to watch it now.

Answer #3

Ooh it looks a lot more entertaining than the first one. I’m ready lol. :)

Answer #4

OMG i just watched the trailer ….. the face made me nearly cry LOL the first one was bad :(

Answer #5

I didn’t know they were making a second one. Awesome! I’m totally gonna see it when it comes out

Answer #6

Me :) I found the acting not very convincing and the first 30 minutes of the movie was slow going. Towards the end the movie picked up and it was ‘scary’. Always wanted to know why she slept on the side of the bed which was closest to the door. If I had a ‘ghost’ in my house, I would want my boyfriend to sleep on the side nearer to the door as I would be too peritfied, let alone leave the damn door opened. :P

Answer #7

Me me me!!! Iam defenintly ready to see it. When does it come out?

Answer #8

didn’t knew there whas a PA 2 :p

Answer #9

Watched it, hated it.. It wasn’t scary. But hey, glad everyone is excited for it. lol.

Answer #10

lol. first it was a demon. But anyways. If it wanted her, it didn’t have to come through the door, that’s just a way of playing on your emotions. =)

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