Why people dont have many options?

Why when a new product comes out the previous product is not sold anymore, for example with the blue ray they dont sell dvd player anymore and now everybody wants to have windows 7 but there are some people that may like windows vista but they dont sell it anymore, some thats what I think people need to have many options for everything,and also I think this is a kind a communism where people is pushed to only one thing, and one kind because we dont have many choices what do you think.

Answer #1

That is a commercial decision by Microsoft. They pull the older OS off the market so people have to by the newer one. And often the newer may be better. (I use XP and the word processor I use is Word Perfect from 1998 - but it works. I also own a copy of 98SE but XP is SOOO much better. Someday I will upgrade, but right now my PC is fine. I won’t do it until there is a need.)

If you want to run the newest and greatest games with all the bells and whistles, then you pretty much have to play along.

There is also a free(er) OS you can use - Linux - if you want. Also there is a LOT of freeware available if you want to avoid feeding the lion that is Microsoft. (Also if you want you can usually get older an OS on eBay.)

Good Luck!!

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