Why are people still so uptight about different races?

why are people still so uptight about speakin on different races… everyone is so quick to point out racism or prejudice… in this world you are black, hispanic, white, asain, or brown… I only say brown because like middle east people… all these different types of people have been here since anyone can remember… why cant people just accept being different… I talk about all people… I have issues with all people… I have stereotypes on all people… its called being human…

why cant people just become comfortable with themselves and end this race crap?

everyone is african or has african decent… just like everyone has european decent… we didnt originate here… we were brought or adventured to america… we are all immigrants… just like the mexicans they are refusing to let come in…

Answer #1

If one wishes to be accurate, there is no such thing as a human “Race” or “Races” the term is mis-applied, and was concocted by persons with bigotry in mind. Animal and Plant life is divided as follows: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genera, Species Of the Human Genera, there are many different species, and these species are what the hate-mongers call “races” So technically, Racists are actually “Speciesists” I guess that is too hard to spell or say, so the word race is created, and misapplied. “Races” does apply in organic chemistry

(See; Racemic isomers)

Chemistry: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Spectroscopic Characterization … 1 formed two pairs of racemic isomers, 1a and 1b, which were separated by fractional crystallization and/or cation-exchange column chromatography. …

Answer #2

Depends I think its cool that every one is mixng but I thinkits also cool if you were full of one race just easire to trace. Although a have no problem with mix Im myself so yup.

Answer #3

There will always be ignorance and hate in this world PERIOD. It will never go change, go away or evolve into some blissful state.

This does not make it right – it is just a fact.

As long as there are people there will be hate. Get rid of the people and hate will find another champion for its cause.

Answer #4

Not everyone is an immigrant–I’m Native American–so hah! :)

But really…I don’t really know what your question was, as you were kind of all over the place, but as for the Mexicans…it’s one thing to come here legally and contribute to the country, but it’s quite another to come illegally and use our freedoms while not contributing.

Answer #5

In the US at least…when the confederate flag is considered by many to be a symbol of racism, and Senators display it proudly, yep, it’s still an issue.

When a guy like David Duke, a known member of the KKK, gets elected & holds office despite being a racist…yep, racism is still an issue.

Answer #6

Who knows? Its stupid…maybe just backward human nature. I live in Australia & have an enormous respect for Aboriginals. They lived here for 40 or 50,000 years before white settlement, and after 200 years of white man we have trashed the place…bitumen & concrete everywhere, rivers sucked almost dry, rain-forests cleared, species extinction, etc. It’s SHAMEFUL. If anyone should be frowned upon it’s us…cancer of the earth.

Answer #7

Even Native Americans were originally immigrants. It is believed that the first Native Americans arrived during the last ice-age, approximately 20,000 - 30,000 years ago through a land-bridge across the Bering Sound, from northeastern Siberia into Alaska. Columbus never saw the mainland of the United States, but the first people who did was in 1513 when a group of men with Ponce de León landed on the Florida coast near the present city of St. Augustine. In a sense I suppose one could say that Ponce de Leon came here illegally since the Siberians had been here for about 20,000 years. (Being a bit facetious but I get it! ) Once we became a nation of laws (1776) we gained the right to control our borders. So what is it about the word “illegal” that’s so hard to understand.

Answer #8

I think it’s natural for most people to fear what is different whether that be skin color, culture, or mannerisms. However, we learn to overcome those natural inclinations through experience. Science shows that we humans have much more in common than we not so there is no real reason to fear someone simply because they look different.

The question of a person being here legally or illegally is completely separate.

Answer #9

why not just accept everyone as bein different… and hun I am so far from bein racist… I am just real

Answer #10

To me, people who are all uptight and flip out about anything borderline of being racist and make a big deal about someone or something being racist or prejudice because of something they did or said are probably about thrice as annoying. They’re almost on a witch hunt. I don’t deny racism still exists, but when I run across a racist I chuckle at how big of a moron the person is and move on, as should anyone. I fight racism by laughing at it, because it’s stupid. Of course I get a lot of crap from those flippant jerks every once in a while for making sarcastic racist jokes, but whatever.

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