Why do some people still practice Nazism?

Why do some people still practice Nazism? I don”t understand the antisemitism.

These people believe in a man that murdered, tortured, mutilated thousands of people.

All for an idea of on race Superior to others. The ultimate racism. Why do people still think this is still a good idea?

Answer #1

Evil is real - one day it will be cast into the Lake of Fire, as found in Revelation.

Answer #2

“one day it will be cast into the Lake of Fire, as found in Revelation.”

That book was written about events that either did happen 2000 years ago or were supposed to happen 2000 years ago. It contains nothing of relevance for today’s world.

Anyway, back to the question, the neo-Nazis may still be anti-Semitic but they are focused on different issues and have somewhat different beliefs than the Nazi Party of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. The main targets of their ethnic bigotry now are the many African and Asian immigrant groups now flocking to Europe. These sentiments go beyond Germany, and actually neo-Nazism is more prevalent in other European countries now.

With an immigrant boom hitting Europe almost as hard as the one hitting the United States, there is a fear among many Europeans that their culture is eroding. Some believe in taking extreme measures to stop this from happening. That longing for strength through nationalism and protection of culture from immigrant groups is why you have today’s neo-Nazi movement.

Answer #3

(amblessed he asked WHY people practise nazism) -.- just smth for you to chew on

some of these nazis might not even know what fascists like hitler and mussolini used to do. this coupled w/ what religionisgood said (worried about eroding culture, when in fact cultures have always never ceased to evolve) turns them into neo nazi ideologists

Answer #4

Some people would argue that Christianity isn’t a good idea. I’m not saying that I agree with Nazism by any means. I’m not. Nazism is a form of ignorance which breeds hate and violence. How does a person become ignorant? No I don’t think that Hitler’s genetically superior race was ever a good idea. It is actually a funny concept if you think about it. Blonde hair and blue eyes are actually recessive genes. So his genetically superior race is actually an oxymoron. but it is actually sad that people still hate this way.

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