Do you really care what people wear?

Do YOU really care what people wear or look like or what their boyfriend/girlfriend looks like or who they hangout with or if they even hangout with anyone?? I personally dont care what a person wears if I saw someone whereing a paper bag I would be like thats kinda werid and then 10 seconds later forget I ever saw them wearing it and worry about my own problems. Also if I see a girl dating (in my opinion) a nerdy looking guy id think he looks nerdy… but its not like people really truly care what people look like or their life unless they are a good friend of the person, a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.. or a family member. everyone should stop worring and just be happy with themselves ! cause in the end no one cares if you have a bad hair day.. or whatever

Answer #1

Yeah.I agree with you.^^ Who cares what you wear today?I think the only person who care what they wear is themselves.Because we want to look good.Who dont want to look good?Of cause everybody want.

Answer #2

Yes. it helps me identify a group or person that has similar interests to me and whether they are clean, have a job, think Metallica rocks or sucks, like to climb rocks, are into bondage, Etc. I don’t think one is wrong over the other but yes I do care.

Answer #3

I agree on that, personality is really the thing that makes everything work. I would go out with a nerdy guy if he treated me right

Answer #4

agree completly!!!

Answer #5

Totally agree

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