Would people be willing to try Korean Skin Care, make up and or hair care?

I love korean make up hair care and skin care.

I would like to know if people from all over the world would be willing to try korean make up skin care and or hair care. As if the interest is high enough I would like to create an online store.

I have notice quite a few americans, canadians etc by BBcream(blemish balm cream) on e-bay. or some online stores.

If you dont know what BB cream is its a muti function cream created in germany popularized by Korea. It replaces Make up base, foundation and has other effect such as anti wrinlke, whitning and some specialize in ance prone skin or very dry skin.

Answer #1

Korean cosmetics products are one of the famous here in my country, Indonesia. And one of the reasons is because Korean use herbals in their product in which we believe it is safer.

Answer #2

Most likely, because IN Asia, women nd men have very smooth skin, nd great hair.

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