Emo people or cristian people in best clothing wear?

Who do you guys think would win? Emo people or cristian people in best clothing wear?

Answer #1

Ok, umm. some Christian people don’t dress differently then “emo” people. Is there a way they are supposed to dress?

Answer #2

I’m Christian, and to be quite blunt, as a group we look like pure liquid sex, when compaired to emo’s I mean really, what is up with those jeans. Do the guys not realise how irritating it is walking behind an emo couple and not being able to work out which one is the dude?

Answer #3

haha I’m morman which is a lot like christianizum. and to me I prefer the way emos dress it’s just more interesting. my religion just reminds me of preps and jocks (which I can’t really stand either). but yeah!

Answer #4

emo people

Answer #5


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