question about pink eye

k so I have pink eye. im taking medication and its better but like can I still wear eyeliner? the eye doctor told me to stay away from my eye but can I still wear makeup? sorry if this seems like a dumb quetsion but I am lost without my eyeliner lol

Answer #1

k thanks for your help :)

Answer #2

I just had it not to long ago and I still used make up and I use the make up everyday and nothing happened to me and I was fine so it went away and didnt get it again

Answer #3

You can still wear it, but throw it all away and get new stuff when you get better. Best to not use it though.

Answer #4

if you are taking medication for it then you will be okay I guess you can wear eyeliner then!!!

Answer #5

You can, but you might irritate it more. :)

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