How do you get rid of pink eye?

How do you get rid of pink eye… I just got it and I am wondering how to get rid of it and I wanna know how I got it

Answer #1

You should neve touch your eye in any matter I’d you do wash hands emideatly. Change your pillow cases and don’t pry your eye open if crusted. Us a warm wash cloth hld I on the eye for a couple mine it will be easie to open. Go to a drug store to get some ointment I drops if the eye worsns consult your doctor.

Answer #2

Getting rid of bacterial pink eye is easiest with an antibiotic therefore you have to visit a doctor & he will give you some eye drops that will help get rid of it. This is very contagious so please stay home until you recieve treatment :)

Way to prevent pink eye are -Washing your hands regularly -Dont put strange objects near your eyes -If you get any chemical/dirt in your eye make sure you rinse it well.

Hope I helped :D

Answer #3

man I had pink eye when I woke up at my boys left eye was crusted shut and I had to force it open and it was nasty…I guess I got it from his pillow or somthing..but I just kept a warm damp rag on it and didnt rub it…it goes away, but very contagious.

Answer #4

go to a doctor

Answer #5

What Spray Paint said.

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