Pink eye, any home remedies?

Does anyone know what home remedies are good for pink eye. I have tried the lemon drops, and oh my god!! The hurts. I can always go to the er but at this rate I will go broke.

Answer #1

there are eyedrops sold in the drug store that are really cheap. come on don’t go through all this pain. However, I have heard of putting camomile tea on your eye…like washing your eye with it. however, I don’t know if that will work as effectively.

Answer #2

Do you really want to harm your vision??? There are a ton of free or low cost clinics in your area. GO and get treated. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

Well the problem is not that I don’y have the funds to go and get meds…its just that I don’t like doctors. I bought something from a drug store not long ago for pink eye but they don’t really work. I did try that chamonile tea, and it was great relief. my problem is that if I go out too long in the sun then my eyes get red, and the longer I stay out , it turns into something like pink eye. Yes, for all you smart asses out there…I do wear sunglasses.

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