How do I get rid of my pink eye?

So yesterday I woke up with my eye all watery and yellow crap on the side of my eye. I have pink eye. My right eye feels itchy all the time. and it feels like theres something stuck right up in there. I read all about pink eye, so I know I have it. so how do I get rid of it without seeing a doctor? do I have to see a doctor? what can I do for my pink eye?

Answer #2

you need to see a doctor if you want to get rid of it quickly, doc I’ll prescribe eyes drops or a topical cream…

you can try cleaning it with salty water, use cotton wool and only wipe ONCE with the same piece of cotton wool, so dip in water, squeeze excess out wipe ONCE from the outside of the eye to the inside, then dispose - repeat until clean…

Answer #3

You need to go to an ophthalmologist so they can tell you if it is pink eye or not. If you wear contacts, stop wearing them for right now and you’ll have to get rid of them and get a new pair. Don’t itch your eye and keep washing your hands because you could spread it to the other eye. You do need to see a dr. though because there are different types of drops or ointments they prescribe for different types of conjunctivitis. Usually pink eye feels like there is something gritty in your eye, the white of your eyes is reddened and when you wake up in the morning there is a yellow or green crusty or sticky discharge in the corners of your eyes.

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