Would you ever put your head in a crocodile's mouth?

I was watching a show on TV, some idiot was trying to impress a crowd of people by poking a crocodile with a stick, and putting his head in it’s mouth. The third time he put his head in it’s mouth, it snapped. He ended up getting over 30 stitches in his head.

Would you ever do that, or do you think it’s completely stupid?

Answer #1

Would you eat your own skin? HELL NO. My head doesnt go near animals.

Answer #2

It’s completely stupid. The first time is just a lucky try, but after that, I wouldn’t do it anymore, I would call it quits. Trying to impress the crowd is just dumb, especially if your life is at the end of the road.

Answer #3

That was his OWN fault!

Answer #4

i probly would but then again im not known for makein smart decisions so yeah………..

Answer #5

Is it terrible I found that really funny. Stupid people amuse me. Uhm I dont see why I’d want to harass an animal (I was going to say for no good reason, but then is there ever a good reason to harass an animal?).

Answer #6

Lol, I honestly laughed at the guy on TV. It was his fault, and that’s what he gets for poking at it, and aggravating it.

Answer #7

Oh NO!!!!

Answer #8

No, only because I wouldn’t wanna bug the poor animal ..

Answer #9

thts ur reason not to put ur head in its mouth??? really?

Answer #10

there is know way i would ever do something like that …how ever they are crocodile hunters they do it every day….not me.

Answer #11

Nope, I see not point in it. At no one had to worry about that guy getting brain damage. Poor crocodile, that must have been a dull meal.

Answer #12

lol xD

Answer #13

Well, if I put my head in his mouth, and he snaps my head off, people will freak out and say the animal is a danger to society, and it needs to put down. Because I’m stupid and put my head in his mouth.. :D

Answer #14

i love crocidles and alligators im actually getting one but i would never put my head in its mouth i dont know y that guy did that what exactly would he gain from that? its pointless

Answer #15

Not even if i was being paid 7 million pounds !

Answer #16

LOLZ I laughed too. That was just plain stupid!!!! XD

Answer #17

LOLZ!!!!!!!!! I actually laughed out loud when I read that!!! LOLZ!!!!!! XD XD XD XD

Answer #18


Answer #19

Absolutly not… Im terrified of them anyway… In other words.. NO….. Not at all!

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