can i put a parrotlet and a cockatiel together?

i have been thinking about getting a parrotlet and i also have a cockatiel. i was wondering if i could put them in the same cage? i also have a smaller cage that i used for the cockatiel because when im away at school my mom would worry that he would get lonely in my room and so she put him in the smaller cage in the kitchen for a few hours while she was home and i was not put ever since we got our dog we didnt want to scare the bird and so now the cage is just in the basement… but anyways i could keep the parrotlet in there and slowly make the transfer so that they would be in one cage or if i had to i could just keep them in said cages :P i have just been toying with the idea of a parrotlet and now im trying to gather info and such so i can pitch the idea to my mom :) anyways so what do you think same cage or not?

Answer #1

To be honest I’m not sure. AT petshops they do have them in the same cage, cockatiels aren’t very territorial and generally aren’t agressive and the same with parrotlets. However to be completely sure I suggest asking at your local petshop for some advice.

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