Has an animal ever saved your life?

Just wondering, but does anyone have any cool stories about animals saving their lives? I do. One time when I was 5, I had one of those battery powered cars that are for kids you know those little cars that they always advertise with little kids sitting in them, driving through the mud with them, and laughing. Well, one day I was driving around in the yard and there was a sharp turn and I didn’t cut it right and I was headed for a downhill area and I mean it was straight downhill and all of a sudden I was going downhill, so I hit reverse on my car, but it would only last for a while and then I would go downhill and wreck and I knowed I would of flipped and cracked my head open and since we are far away from a hospital, I would of died, but my dog Nikki came to the rescue and she grabbed the back of my car with her mouth and wouldn’t let go and held on till my mom came to help me. I swear, if Nikki wouldn’t have helped me…I would of died cause my mom was in the house and didn’t come out till later. Nikki saved my life!:)

Answer #1

There ARE dogs that can smell cancer…When it comes right down to it, dogs can be trained to ferret out anything that has an oder…from bad guys to bad diseases, bombs, money, you name it.


Answer #2

I’m not sure is it’s true, but I remember watching this documentary on animals saving people’s lies, and apparently some animals can smell cancer. As I said, I dunno if it’s for real or not, but it might be worth looking into.

Answer #3

We had a dog when my son was little that stopped him from running out into the road before I could catch him. Kids can run so damn fast when they are little and I was 7 months pregnant so I wasn’t moving all that well to begin with. Jesse started running toward the road and Puppy (that is what my son had named her, lol) grabbed him by the pants and pulled him down on his butt and then just stood there waiting for me to catch up. I loved that dog ! ! !

Answer #4

Animals save my life every day. Without them, I’d starve.

Answer #5

My cat once ate my ice cream that was off. That saved me food poisoning =] Or though she go very sick =[

Answer #6

Is she okay now???

Answer #7

When I was outside once, I slipped and cracked my skull. I was outside because I was mad at my parents, and I told them to leave me alone. My yard is almost an acre, so I couldn’t get to the house. I passed out…and woke up in a hostpital. My mom sid my lab, buddy, had barked repeatedly. That alerted her and she drove me to the hostpital. =]

Answer #8

Not me, but my uncle, years ago. He was farming and accidentally disrupted a nest of wasps, several of which stung him, causing severe inflammation. He was trying to get to the house and call the medics, but was struggling to even breathe and kept laying down on the ground. Each time he did, his Rottweiler would nudge him, bark at him, and even nipped him a couple times to get him back up. He eventually got to the house and my cousin, who got ahold of emergency services.

They agreed that had he just layed down and stayed there, he probably would have died. His Rottie knew he was in some kind of danger and wouldn’t let it happen.

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