Would it be safe to buy a new goldfish and put it in the same aquarium as the goldfish i've had for years?

I’m just worried cause any time i’ve bought new animals and had them meet the older ones they’ve fought and i’d rather not have one fish eat the other. So is it safe to buy another one?

Answer #1

If your fish are agressive, or enourmos compared to your new fish, it would be a smart thing not to. If you don’t find your fish like it at all, it would be safe for your new fish to join the home.

Answer #2

My fish is just a tiny feeder gold fish thats somehow lived for years, I just want another to add cause it’s a 10 gallon aquarium and to have one tiny gold fish seems absurd.

Answer #3

Yes, then it’s perfectly fine to add another gold fish to the family. Go right ahead, they’ll get along. Gold fish are the most tamest fish known!

Answer #4

As long as the fish you are putting it in with it’s not bigger than this one, then yes it’s fine. And the other fishy will be happy because know he has a buddy :)

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