Do girls like clean shaved guys or ones with facial hair?


do girls like a clean shaved guys or one with beard or mustach.I look good cute on clean shave and more matured with abeard and mustach. which style would be good
Answer #1

Ya. Im a guy, and have personally just straight up asked girls if they like it or not. Majority say that they kinda think it’s hot I I just keep it short and rough. Like stuble. But I tried clean shaving once and everyone hated it because I looked so different. So it just depends what it looks like. Watever you think is right

Answer #2

Ithink we all like something different. depending on the guy. Normally i like clean shaven or stubble, never have liked a full beard or a moustache. But my partner has a goatie with a moustache and i wouldn’t want him any other way. It suits him but if he wanted to shave it off its up to him.

Really you should have what you want , not what others want.

Answer #3

ummm i think it depends on the girl if u look good shaved then yeah i like guys who hav shaved beards

Answer #4

Depends on who you are and what you think is appealing. :)

Personally I love the rugged look my partner has. But really it depends who you talk to, and you should do what makes you comfortable, not what other people think.

Answer #5

It depends on the guy

Answer #6

Heyyy Well It Depends Because Everybody Is different Some Girls like Facial Hair And Some Like Clean But It Depends On Who Your Going For Sooo… You Dont Really Know Cause Everyone Is different :) xoxo

Answer #7

if you have short hair, scruff is ok. if you have long or shaggy hair, skip the beard and shave as often as you should.

Answer #8

Clean & shaved.

Answer #9

I preffer shaved clean, but a tiny beard is cute too sometimes. Depends entirely on the guy

Answer #10

i would like sum1 with clean shaved bt a little of french beard…

Answer #11

never a full beard or mustach let look like your gana have to shave pretty soon girls like that

Answer #12

I like my boy’s cleanly shaven :) Buht really it depends on the girl, and what your comfortable with. :D xx

Answer #13

As harley1375 says all girls likes are different. For me it depends on how the guy looks in a beard or mustache, although I wouldn’t prefer a mustache a slight beard is cute sometimes. I just like to see the guys face for what it is a majority of the time so a clean cut is always hot. But no matter what anyone says you should do what you think is good and what looks good on you and not do what others think is right. People should like you for your personality not if you have facial hair or not. ~Alanna

Answer #14

i like a bit of stubble but it looks good on my bf it dosnt look good on everyone

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