Is it harmful to take protein supplements like whey protein?

Answer #1

This is a depends type question. I would say no if you are vegetarian and do not eat meat and no if you get in protein on a daily basis. Excess protein can cause obesity and joint problems as well as other health issues, so rather stay away from any supplement for protein as you probably won’t need it.

Answer #2

It could be harmful if it crowds other healthy foods out of your diet. Most people get plenty of protein but should be eating more vegetables, whole grains, and fruit. There are also other concerns in that the particular protein in cow’s milk: casein has been linked to cancer promotion and auto-immune diseases. Unless you are on a starvation diet or are trying to subsist on mostly fruit it is very unlikely that you would benefit from protein supplementation.

Answer #3

i want to use it for body building purpose!

Answer #4

I just started going to the gym and my trainer wants me to start making whey protein shakes everyday for myself, he said I could have up to 6 a day.. So I wouldn’t think they would be harmful.

Answer #5

protein supplements in large doses are NOT good for you. Recently a student in high school who wanted to “Beef up” for football was taking the protein shakes on a regular basis. He’s now in the throws of liver failure because of protein poisoning. If you eat alot of meats, do NOT take protein supplements.

Answer #6

In my opinion no, unless as some states if taken in large doses I started taking whey protein powder a couple months ago as a Post workout supplement to help out with recovery and replenish what my muscles had loss during that heavy weight training… And I only work out 3 times a week so I only take whey protein 3 times a week which is very very low compared to other people. Remember it’s a SUPPLEMENT it’s meant to supply you with protein if you didn’t get enough from WHOLE FOODs such as meats fish egg milk etc All in all moderation is key also remember to stay well hydrated P.S. According to consumer reports muscle milk is dangerous cause it contains heavy metals which are life threatening so if I were you I would stay FAR away from muscle milk

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