Black girls have the prettiest feet?

Do other guys agree with me that [ Black Girls Have The Pretty-est Feet !!!

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best female feet by race
5. middle eastern

black girls feet get ashy easily. holla.

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Hahahahahahahaha! I must comment on this being that I am a black girl! Heehee...not alll black women have pretty feet... I mean mine are gorgeous, but I have a best friend whose feet are hiddeous, but I would say that black women are beautiful women! And that I 100% agree with!

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No. White girls have pretty feet too! And as a matter of fact I am one of them!

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Okay let me share with all of you as a black man I have noticed pretty feet on women of all nationallities. My ex (who is black and Italian) probably has some of the prettest feet I have ever seen and now that we are not together living in the same house, I think she likes to tease me with them walking around barefoot, taking her shoes and socks off in front of me wearing open toe shoes that drive me crazy. I need to move before I lose my mind.

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What are pretty feet? Not everyone agrees on what makes a foot pretty; or a face pretty; or a...
Color is just one preference.
There is something beautiful about all women.

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Yes black girls do have the prettiest feet especially when they have a manicure. I would love to suck some bueatiful black toes right now

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As a White guy with a fetish for booty and feet, I am living it up with my Ebony girlfriend. She is half White and half Black and her feet and toes are amazing

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I am a black male I would say black woman have the best 1st then 2nd is white 3rd is spanish now it depends on the condtion of the foot/toes/nails I have my own standards soft and smooth hmmm with sexy legs to macth

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any race can have pretty feet as long as they take care of them

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That a lie im black and MY feet look FINE but my mommy's feet look like the devil him self
Sorry mommy

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