How far along in a pregnancy do you have to be so they can tell the gender of the baby?

Answer #1

different doctor give different opinion, I went to differetn doctor on my second pregnancy and knew it by USG at 4th month, the third was in the 4,5 months, and the last was in my 4rd month too. well I guess around that time.

Answer #2

the 4th month you can try if the baby let you see it lol. Best is 6 months everything is a little more developed.

Answer #3

it is true… sometime depend on the position of the baby when it is under USG. 6th month will be the definite result.

Answer #4

I think like 5 mounths

Answer #5

16 weeks

Answer #6

at 25 weeks you can determine the sex of the baby. That’s what my cousin’s doctor said!

Answer #7

I found out 16 - 18 wks with all 3 of mine.

Answer #8

u have to be 5 month when go for ur 20 week scan can tell u then

Answer #9

20-25 weeks x

Answer #10

20-25 weeks x

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