What are some unique baby names?

Okay, so I am almost 4 months pregnant, and I was thinking about baby names. I don’t know the gender of my baby yet, so I need help for both girl and boy names. The names my mom and I have agreed on are: girl- McKenzie Marie Skeeters (my mom also likes Olivia Marie Skeeters, but I am not so sure..) boy- Nicolas Aaron Skeeters

If you have any other suggestions, then tell me. I like unique names that not all people have..so yea.. Tell me what you think.

Answer #1

I quite like new zealand maori names like aroha which means love

Answer #2

Girl: Adalaide Boy: Forrest

Answer #3

boys Hunter Brent Reece Aidean

Girls Anastasha Elora Louise Coraline Tierra

Answer #4

Maybe Angelique? My middle name is Angelique. I didnt like it at first. But now I love it! For a boy Braxton,

Answer #5

Thanks for all the names. I found out I am having a girl and I decided to keep with the name McKenzie Marie. :] Only 4 more months till shes is born and I am so excited!

Answer #6

for boy maybe prentice

Answer #7

ino how hard it is 2 chose names im 8 months pregnant and barly came up with a name 4 my son lol well 4 a girl I like layla,tatiana,jeana,natalia,evianna,mya,claire, emily are angelina 4 a boy I like jordan,nathan/nathaniel,devin,donavin,ray, geovonie,lawrence,issac,armoni, are joshuah

Answer #8

Boy: Quentin, Braxton, Kenny, Henry Girl: Rayne, Astrid, Agatha, Samara Some of them you may not like, like Agatha, but you might… My grandma wanted to name me Agatha..

Answer #9

Girls~ Isabelle, Kaylyn, Skylor, Kamrin, Ella, Charlotte, Skarlette, Taylor, Marie, Renee

Boys~ Tyler, Lucas, Jared, Ashton, Max, Jason, Cole, Dylan, Bryant, Santino

those are my fav names :)

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