Do I tell a kid how babies are born?

lil Lauren asked me how are babies born? Do I tell her the truth? or say women just like Sh!t them or say they come from the sky or what? ><~Confuzzled >>

Answer #1

heehee that’s funny! from the sky?!!! I asked mom about it when I was 3-4 and she told me that parents do something together and this thing helps a baby grows 9 months in mother’s tummy, and you’ll know the rest of the details when grow !! cause right now you’re too young to know more details about it!!

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Answer #3

depends on how old she is. is she’s like 6 or something she really doesn’t need to know. if she’s older and you think she’s ready to know tell her. she will think it’s gross but I don’t think she will really care.

Answer #4

haha kids are grate at asking wuestions like this! I’ve worked with children for 3 years now an I always get the questions, I just them a stalk brings them lol or it comes out of mummys belly x

Answer #5

Tell Lauren to ask their parents. Kids are very good at asking questions. When my daughter was 3 she became obsessed with the PBS video “In the Womb” which showed how babies develop. She watched it over and over again. Then she asked, if the egg comes from the mommy and the sperm comes from daddy how do they get together? In her case she was an in vitro baby so we told her that we went to the doctor’s office and our Dr. put them together in a dish. That put the sex talk off for a little while.

Answer #6

Fillet - your daughter is smart! My sons knew about eggs and sperm for years before they wondered how they got together! I agree that parents are the right people to tell their children - they know what’s the right level of information for their child’s development, and hearing things from other people might confuse or upset the child. I would never tell any outright lies, so I’m not in favour of the stork/gooseberry bush stories, but often very simple details, and ‘not the whole truth’ can be appropriate, depending on the age of the child.

Answer #7

xD !!! Or I could tell her x]

Answer #8

HELL NO!!! Let the parents deal with it.

Answer #9

I asked that when I was like three and my mom said I came from the sky

Answer #10

Is it really your place to tell her though? I think a parent reserves that right, and you would be respecting them by not telling her.

Answer #11

just say a baby iz born when A MAN AND A WOMAN (most importantly) lub each other , an when they lub each other they express it in a very special way.And nine months later mommy goes 2 the hospital an the baby iz born… see now that iz pure fire. and when YOU think she iz old enough, you tell her what really happens.

Answer #12

I think the best thing would be to tell her to talk to her parents about it, and let her parents know. Its always best for the parents to introduce those topics to their own children when they believe the time is right.

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