Can a baby and an adult dog get along in harmony?

I am an expecting mother of 12 weeks and before the pregnancy I had a “baby” named Daisy. (She is a chihuahua) My mother along with a few select others (my fiance) is convinced that I should give away my Daisy because of our baby on the way. When this idea was brought to my attention all I could think about was “why?”

Let me give some background. Daisy is not potty trained and she is 2. I know, I know this is horrible. I am potty training her now by crate training in hopes she will trained before June 21st (my delivery date). This is the only issue with her. She is awesome with children, doesn’t nip or get frightened easily, and if she is frightened, she retreats to her hiding place.

Other then the apparent potty issue, there is absolutely no reason why a baby and a dog cannot live together harmonously. Or is there? I could see me being concerned if my baby were allergic, but I have read many articles claiming that it’s good for a baby to be exposed to animals as it will prevent allergies later.

I find myself growing more and more angry at my family suggesting a new home for Daisy, when I could not possibly do such a thing. Help!

Answer #1

I think that a dog would be great in the house hold with a baby and that is a prob but all so there is a few other prob’s that could occur like with having a child specially a infant you have to make sure not to leave them alone cause my mom had a friend and I know this is with a cat but no matter what it can happen but any ways she had this friend and they had cat and the cat ended up laying on the baby’s face as it was sleeping and the baby died

Answer #2

I have a 5 month old son. I also have 1 Dachsund, 2 PitBulls, and 1 Chihuahua. They are all over 1 year old, one of the Pitbulls is actually 4 years old.

We have had NO problems with the dogs and the baby. They actually will lay on the floor next to our son all day long, even the Pitbulls.

When ever you go to the hospital to deliever your baby, have your husband bring home a blanket that the baby was wrapped in and some clothes the baby wore. Let the dog get used to the scent of your baby before you bring it home. We didn’t have any trouble with any of our dogs, they were all very curious when we brought him home, but they just came up and sniffed him, and everything went great from there.

Answer #3

I’m sure they can get on fine. Our baby son and our cat got on very well, especially as the new baby accidentally refex-kicked the cat on the nose the first time she sniffed him, so she was quite respectful of him after that! However, there are a few safety things like not letting the animal into the cot and also being very, very careful about never leaving the two of them alone together until they are very used to each other and you are confident of how your dog reacts to sudden movements from the baby etc. Best wishes for your growing family.

Answer #4

Hi there,

It’s a common misconception that dogs and babies cannot live in harmony. Yes, for some dogs, there are jealousy issues…but this is not the norm. I used to work at an animal shelter where dozens of dogs were given up due to “New Baby.” It saddens me because these dogs oftentimes did nothing wrong, just the parents didn’t want to risk anything…well in doing so, they put the dogs in the worst possible situation.

My suggestion? Get the dog potty trained to minimize the stress you will have once the baby arrives. Taking care of 2 babies is a lot harder than taking care of one. Also, if the dog is great with kids / doesn’t nip, etc., I see no reason why they can’t grow up together. Dogs are actually Great companions for kids, and more times than not, end up loving and protecting the kids at all costs.

If there is a problem once the baby is born, sure, consider rehoming if you can’t work it out. But I think to do so ahead of time is premature.

Also, Mandyloo’s suggestion of bringing the baby scent “home” for the dog, is a great suggestion.

Good luck =) Let us know how it works out.

Answer #5

I agree with the answers above me. There will be a lot of stress with the baby so potty training the dog should be a priority to reduce the troubles. Your family may be concerned that the dog won’t get enough attention. Baby’s are definitely a lot of work, but it is very possible to keep both of your baby’s and have them get along. It might take some getting used to for the dog but one advantage is the child will grow up around a dog and not have a fear. I would suggest, if you fear the dog not getting enough attention, hiring a teenager, or even older kid (10-16) to come over after school, or on the weekends and stay for 30 minutes or so to play with the dog, or at least pay attention to it, maybe take it for a walk? Suggest paying 10 dollars a month or so?Just for the first couple months until you find a balance between baby and dog. Best of luck. Remember dealing with the dog before the birth, potty training, will help loads. It will take time but it CAN happen! Best of luck to you! Congrats on your baby-to-come =]]

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