Poem/ song that I wrote in like 10 minutes last night.

Please tell me what you think about it!!!


The sun’s out, but it’s raining, I’m smiling but I’m straining. The door is open and there’s no one home, I’m with 100 people, I feel alone. I’ve got sun shades on but it’s dark out, There’s no escape but I WANT OUT. Yeah I want out, I want out of this town forever. Don’t want to look back, Don’t want to look back never. Nothing feels right, Nothing is ever what it seems. I just want out, I want to awaken my dreams. The sun’s out and it’s shining, Now I’m smiling without trying. The door was open, I found someone home, I’m by myself now and don’t even feel alone. I’ve got sun shades on ‘cause it’s bright out, I found my escape and I GOT OUT. Yeah I got out, I got out of that town forever. Didn’t want to look back, I’m not going to look back, never. Nothing felt right, Now everything’s exactly what it seems. I just got out, I have awakened my dreams. Because I got out, I have awakened my dreams.

what do you think?

Answer #1

Nice that one line “There’s no escape but I WANT OUT. “ is just what I feel like right now

Answer #2

wow ! that would be an amazing song

Answer #3

=] thank you!!

Answer #4

Good job !!

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