Believe it or not...I wrote a poem!

Right on valentines day I felt original just writing out a card for me girlfriend, so thought I would put a poem in, now the last time I wrote a poem was way back in school so was fearing the worst but she seemed to like it and I was showing one of her friends what a had said in it and they said they really liked it, so thought I would share it with you’s to see what you think saying as it is 10 past 2 in the morning lol here it is…

Your like carbon dioxide to a tree You make me photosynthesise because your the only thing to be To keep my heart alive

Your like an ocean to the fish You give my heart a home And for that I have just one wish To never leave it alone

You are the strings to my guitar And the tune you play is me A piece of music so bizzare But it puts my heart in glee

You are the shell to a snail 2 things but 1 they are Alone these 2 are frail But as 1 they will go far

But one thing that I know The sky is always blue The mole will always burrow And I’ll always love you!

Answer #1

WOW that was reallly goood.

Answer #2

:’( thanks man I didnt know you felt that way about me. :’( :P.. hey thats pretty gud man, keep at it.:)

Answer #3

awww :] its so cute and sweet

Answer #4

its really sweet(:

Answer #5

I love it nice job!!

Answer #6

I wuffle that!! if some one rote that fr me,I woold go crazzzi 4 them!!! good job :)

Answer #7

Ooo, that’s good~

But with “To never leave it alone” You should put To never leave me alone Other than that, good job =D

Answer #8

awww this is so cute. and well written =]

Answer #9

“The mole will always burrow” I like that line for some reason.

Answer #10

I like it. Keep up the good work.

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