Do you like this poem?

I wrote another poem. I am not sure if it is good are not. Please tell me if you like it or not.

Trapped in a room Left here to die I’m screaming out my final cries The shackles rough that bind my feet I wish I had something to eat Deprived of water food and air I live my life without a care I’ve sunken into great despair The pain is brutal The hours long All I do is sing this song Day after day Night after night I continue to try and put up a fight The chains are coarse I feel remorse I cannot go on any longer No matter what I say or do I cannot become any stronger The weight of this burden is crushing my soul When I look inside I see a black hole A hole that is dark, consuming and grim I pull out a knife and everything dims

Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

I like your wordchoice and your descriptions. It was all very clear. Good job. FunMail me for my poems sometime. They’re pretty smilar.

Answer #2

thats awsome really like life my life anyways

Answer #3

it’s really good. I love it!

Answer #4

I LOVE this poem! it simplifies my life. you should be a dark poet. you know, one of those anonymous ones. all of your poems are really good.

Answer #5

hmmm… some of the lines are a bit …blunt.., if ya get me…

Answer #6

Nice and dark…

Answer #7

omg! I LOVE this poem. I read your other poemes to. I also LOVED them to! you r a great poem writer!

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