I wrote this poem it has all my emotions in

I wrote this after my ex boyfriend comitted suicide after we broke up for the third time two months ago I never relized what I had until it had been taken away for good I miss him more then life it’d self and think about him everynight, please dont judge me or say I need help I’ve heard it before just read it and post a comment it meens a lot to me.

Hidden Pain

I hate every tear I see fall from your eyes I hate that im the one who didnt ask why I hate that you loved me I hate that I loved you too I hate when I had you I didnt feel a thing anymore so once agen I made you fall apart once again I broke your heart

I still see the pain in your eyes I can see through your painted smile I see you dying and I try to reach out you grab my hand I try to make you understand once again I take your colours away I gave them back last time but they were grey

I long for what I felt before so I take the gun and say ‘one last shot’ once again you say you’ve waited so long and thats why you wrote me a song I cannot face this anymore things arent the way they were before

I see the pain in you I see the tears behind your fears I hate that I hurt you once again I hate your wasting your life crying I know you like the palm of my hand I feel your pain and I understand just behind the smile still painted I see you growing weaker as the days go on

I saw all the signs I felt or your pain I thought you where getting better your strength I felt gain every night I saw you dying every night I would stay up crying hoping that your pain would end but not this way never this way your sorrow is my sorrow your end is my end I see no future around this bend…

Answer #1

hope you feel better…I like it.it’s deep,and it’s real.

Answer #2

This is a really deep poem Im really sorry about what happen and how you feel Just stay strong and think of the good everyone has faults and no one is perfect I can tell from this poem that your really sad and hurt Just dont think of the weaknesses Good Luck (stay strong) =)

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