Another poem I wrote

I wrote this months ago, and found it on my blog and thought I would like to know what people think, I dont think its good tho, in my opinion compare to my other poems

“Wishing you were here”

How did we end up here? when we were happy and free. I hold the nights we had and I cried so bad, but I guess you didn’t care when I said I wished you were there. I hope it wasn’t too be, for you and for me.

I wish I could go back in time and hold you tight when I had you in my arms… Wishing youll say you love me as you were like yesterday, when I have you right there but I didn’t care.

It was my bad for ignoring this feeling, I guess you had to move on and leave this feeling behind, where I catched and treasured it like it was mine. I wish we could go back in time

Answer #1

I like it a lot but, I’m not a big fan on rhyme schemes. But I do like it a lot!


Answer #2

its really good,

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