Swelling in my ankle, how to help the pain?

I was washimg the car when the hose popped back and hit me in one of my ankle ligaments.I have been doing everything in rice except for the elevation. It hasnt really worked but the swelling is still there just not as visible.I have to got ot school tomorrow.what should I do? Please dont tell me to go to the doctor. There have been some things happening and I cant go anywhere.

Answer #1

I know you said you cant go to the dr but if it is really bad then you may have to go get it checked . have you been doing any of the things suggested ?? im not 100 % sure if it will work but its worth a try if you havent allready

Answer #2

ice , ibuprofen , and , elevaution(elevation is the most important) are your best bets if you dont want to go to the dr good luck :)

Answer #3

I’ve been doing that but the swelling still hasnt gone down. I still dont know what to do about school today it started cramping tightened up and the twisted now there is barely a bruise next to the humungo bruise. PLEASE and THANKS

Answer #4

R) rest- rest your foot on the sofa or somthing

I) ice- place some ice on it like an ice pack or a bag of something loose out of the freezer

C) compression- wrap it up in a bandage

E) elevation- keep it elevated so higher than your body is to keep the blood from running to the injury.

Answer #5

The ibuprofin doesnt rreally work but the ice has made the swelling go down a little mbut it stopped minimizing on Saturday. if you gently touch it there is a little bump. What should I do 2morrow at school? I cant elevate it at school. Please help. Should I even go to school? I need help.

Answer #6

I think but it is stil swollen and hurts like hell. It happened on Thursday and I have to go to school tomorrow and I ont know what to do.

Answer #7

Also it is a dark reddish color.

Answer #8

is it a bruise ??

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